Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Serving the leader of the free world

On Monday night I dreamed that I was a gofer for Barak Obama. There was a rally somewhere nearby and I was chauffeuring him around and making sure he had everything he needed. His wife and girls were with him and at one point I had to run out and get something for the girls. The problem was that once I left I had a hard time getting back in. I showed my credentials but there were so many people around him that I had to really work at making my way through the crowd.

How did I get this job? I think it was through my Rotary club connection. The Secret Service asked at the Club and someone told him how I had been doing a similar thing for the Miss Connecticut Pageant for years. So they called me.

I woke up and was kind of sad that it was a dream. Can you imagine volunteering for the President? But then a thought hit me. All of us are called to serve someone even greater than the President. We are called to serve God. He asks us to be his ambassadors in the world sharing his truth and justice, his love and grace. God invites us to be part of his team to transform the world. What's more he tells us that he will be with us throughout the whole process.

The difference between this and my dream is that God's invitation is real and it is there for all of us to accept and embrace. Obama may be pretty cool and he will probably do some good things, but God is great and his plans are eternal. So stop dreaming and pick up the invite and get to work.