Monday, May 19, 2008

Where are you going to stay?

This past weekend Lori and I stayed at the Westin Hotel in Providence, Rhode Island. The hotel was as close to a five star hotel as I will ever stay in. Because we were at a continuing education seminar, we received a reduced rate and decided to stay there. The room was definitely first class all the way. It had a lock bar with all kinds of goodies including fancy nuts. It had a large screen plasma television and a large king size bed with beautiful bedspread. There was a large bathroom and a workstation. The view of the river was nice too.

I said to Lori that it must be nice to have the kind of money to be able to enjoy accommodations like this when you travel. I usually stay at discount motels when I go on the road. Then the thought hit me that when Jesus talked about heavenly mansions, he was talking to working class men and women like you and me. Most of the people Jesus met never knew a moment of luxury in their lives. They barely squeaked by making a living.

As usual Jesus brought them the good news that God heard their cries and that some day soon they could look forward to a better life. All they needed to do was remain faithful. That is true for us too! Every once in a while we get to enjoy a taste of what lies ahead for us. God has a great future in store. If we don't get it in this life, it will be ours in the next one.

Even better than a luxury hotel, God says he will be with us to enjoy that future. I can't wait. Well, I guess I will have to. But for now, I'll hang onto the memory of what special feels like.


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Denise said...

You are very special my friend, a dear son of God.