Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Walking with the Lord

On Sunday afternoon I purchased three tickets online from Southwest airlines for my daughter and her friends to go to a concert in Manchester, Tennessee. I used a credit I had with the company allowing me to send them there for very little, or so I thought.

Between the time I hit the button to complete the transaction and the time I received my receipt something went wrong. My credit was not applied. My receipt showed that I was being charged the whole amount.

When I called the company and asked about it, I reached a very professional young lady who listened to my story and then proceeded to walk me through the process of cancelling my tickets and re-booking the flight. She stayed online with me as I went through the process and completed the transaction. She made sure I didn't miss anything this time.

I was impressed by her willingness to do this. I understand that this is probably the company policy, but it seemed more than you would expect from a company in this day and age. After I got off the phone the thought occurred to me that this is the kind of thing that god expects of all of us. It is the kind of behavior that stands out and impresses people. When we love people unconditionally and walk with them through the ups and downs of life, offering encouragement and helpful advice, we are doing what Jesus would do.

Who knows how many people we can lead to Christ if we simply do the little things and prove ourselves faithful? I know it works for Southwest. I am a believer now. So it will surely work for our Lord.


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Denise said...

The little things really do matter.