Friday, August 7, 2009

We are agents of the Lord

I bought a couple of books at the Dollar Store on Saturday. I actually didn't expect much but I've read two of them and they were pretty good. I guess the old adage "You can't judge a book by its cover" is true. You can't judge it by its price either.

The big difference between these books and their non famous authors and the ones you find at Walden Books is that they haven't been as heavily promoted or advertised. No one knows about them. It's a real shame and a missed opportunity for those of us who like to read.

The truth is that some people miss out on Jesus because he hangs out in common places. He can be found at the mall or at the park. Jesus is found at the ballpark and at the library. Even though of us in the church tend to think of Jesus only in terms of Sunday morning. But Jesus is out there in the world where we are. He wants us to introduce him to the people we meet.

Think about it. Jesus met a woman at a well, a man in a crowd, a tax collector at his booth, a woman at a feast. He was out there where the people were and that's where he is today. So make sure you make the introduction when he enters the room. He's counting on you to be his agent. If he is to become a household name, it will depend on you and me.