Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tell your story

My daughter Sarah called from South Africa this morning. She was all excited and couldn't wait to tell us that she had been chased by an African Wild Buffalo. Of course it was a good story only because she hadn't been hurt and had survived a very scary moment.

That's how it is with the good stories we tell. We know, as Paul Harvey always said, the rest of the story. We know how it turned out and that's why the stories are so powerful, so riveting. There is an element of danger but everything turns out well.

The truth is that our testimony has that same power. Every one of us has faced adversity, trouble, pain and suffering in life. Today we can look back and declare that God's grace carried us through. That testimony is powerful and it can change lives. Don't ever be afraid to share your story. God wants to use it to draw people closer to him.

That's our job as disciples. We are his witnesses in the world. We can testify to the power of his love and grace. So tell your story and let God use it to transform the hearts of people all around you.