Thursday, August 13, 2009

It is easy to driftc away

I was walking by the Benny's on New London Turnpike tonight when a memory from the distant past came rushing back to me. I used to love going to Benny's as a kid. I would save up my money to go to Benny's to buy the snazziest parts for my bicycle. I bought a banana seat, fancy handlebars and all kinds of decorations. I'd buy tire tubes and all the bells and whistles they had in stock. It was like Disney World to me because they had so much neat stuff. They had toys to play with like G. I. Joes and hardware to work on the tree fort. When I turned fifteen and got my first car Benny's had all the hot accessories. After I got my license, Benny's was the local go to store. Then one day I just stopped going there.

I don't know what happened. Maybe I just grew out of it. I began going other places. I became interested in other things. That's what happens to so many of us. I think that's why people drift away from Church. When the kids are little it is a place for friendships and good fun. Pageants and parties and exciting worship celebrations. Then life gets busy and things change and we drift away. Or maybe it was fun as a pre-teen and all your friends were there. There was youth group, trips and over nights. It was fun and everything made sense. But then life began to get complicated. You changed schools, got new friends and it just didn't seem cool any more.

So many people drift away from church not because something bad happened but because life changes. Church is still fun and great friendships and meaningful worship can still be found there. If you have drifted away, I want to invite you to come back. You may even find you can appreciate it more now that you are older.

God bless. Cal


Denise said...

Amen, I agree.

Denise said...
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