Saturday, May 2, 2009

Memories can make us stronger

What would happen if you could erase all your painful memories and start over? That thought hit me yesterday when I went to the movies. I saw the new X-Men movie (I'm not a fan of the series but it looked interesting.) In one scene the bad guy says that he is going to erase Logan's memories and the thought hit me that this might not be half bad.

Forget the hurts and pains of broken relationships. Erase all the trauma of childhood beefs. Disappointments would disappear forever. Failures would be wiped away. Wouldn't it be great?

I don't think so. The truth is that we learn and grow from these painful episodes in our lives. They teach us far more than we can ever learn in a classroom. No one likes these events but they do tend to make us stronger if we survive them.

So the painful memories can prove to be quite useful. What we need to do is find ways to rope them in and use them to build up character and virtue. That's the key. So forget about making life simple. Just keep moving forward and trusting God. That is where our blessing and our strength lie.

God bless. Cal

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Denise said...

We can definitely learn from our memories.