Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ya gotta believe!

When does faith take over for doubt? My Pittsburgh Steelers are having a memorable season. They clinched the division today by beating the Baltimore Ravens. Yet they have not been a dominant team all year long. Yes their defense is the best in the League. They have shut down almost every team they played. Yet the games have all been close and won late in the contest. The offense has just been good enough to score points when needed. The last three games were won in the waning moments with key plays made on defense. I want to believe that they are good enough to go to the Super Bowl but I am still not convinced. They haven't had an easy game yet.

It made me think about our faith in God. What is it that helps us step over that threshold into belief? When did we start believing in God with all our heart? Was there a moment? I have believed in him my whole life. When do we stop doubting and just believe?

The truth is that there are still moments when I have my doubts. No, I don't doubt God is real. But I sometimes wonder if God really is there when I am going through tough times. We all do. Then we pass through and look back and see it was God's strength that carried us. We say we should have known.

The same is true of my Steelers. I guess my problem is that I was comparing them to last year's edition of the New England Patriots who slaughtered every team they played during the regular season. They made it look easy. That is how I measure a great time.

We do the same thing with God. We set up certain markers and believe He has to do certain things to be called faithful. When he doesn't fit our idea of what faithful looks like, we begin to doubt him.

The truth is that God is God. He has shown that He is faithful time after time in our lives and in the scriptures. Maybe its time we simply let go and believe.


PS Go Steelers. This is the year we win number 6!

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Denise said...

Another wonderful post my friend.