Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Christmas Poem

One of our members here at First Baptist writes poetry. She passed this one titled, Is It Really Christmas? on to me and I used a few lines from it in my sermon this week. It was well received so I thought I would pass on the whole poem. So here it is.

Is It Really Christmas?
by Trina Edwards

Lights twinkle, bells jingle in preparation for that day.
And children all across the land hear Santa's on his way!
Trees go up and are adorned with trimmings all aglow.
Sparkling tinsel graces doorways, along with Mistletoe.
Malls are crowded wall to wall as people push and shove,
Searching for those special gifts to give to all the ones they love.
Presents wrapped in pretty paper, a bow attached with care,
Quietly waiting to be discovered when the family all gets there.
Cookies baking, candy making, sweet smells in the air.
Families making memories that they'll forever share.
The trees! The lights! The pretty gifts! What is it all about?
Is this really Christmas or have we left something out?
Have worldly frills and pleasures dimmed the glory of that day?
Instead of looking upward have we looked another way?
Where is the angel who declared the blessed Christ Child's birth
And proclaimed that through Him there would be goodwill and peace on earth?
Where is the star that brightly shone up in the sky that night,
And directed three wise men to that great and miraculous sight,
Where inside a lowly stable, in a manger filled with hay,
Surrounded by all of heaven, our blessed Savior lay?
A babe sent down from glory, a gift from God above.
Wrapped up in grace and mercy - the epitome of love.
For by his life and death, this babe would save our souls from sin;
Loose the very hold of death and give us life again.
"He's the reason for the Season" our lapel pins boldly say,
But what is truly in our hearts on this Christmas Day?
It's OK to have your Christmas trees, and your gift exchanges too,
But don't forget the one who came and gave his love for you.
Let's keep our eyes on Jesus, and be sure His love to share;
For it really isn't Christmas if Jesus isn't there.

Merry Christmas!


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Denise said...

Very nice, thanks for sharing my friend.