Saturday, November 29, 2008

Praying moms make a difference

Praying Moms

Elizabeth Hamilton wrote an a
rticle that talked about a group of women who meet each week to pray for their kids and for the schools in the region.She said, "If you're a school principal in Connecticut, it's possible a group of moms is praying for you every week. Not because you, specifically, need their prayers (although who amongst us couldn't benefit from an extra prayer now and then) but because that's what these moms do.

The mothers get together regularly to pray for safe classrooms and for healthy classrooms. They even pray for Mastery Test scores. The group is part f an international movement called Moms in Touch and they have been meeting for the last three years. Mary Beth Lawrence, a mother of five, is the state coordinator. Right now there are 107 groups in the state.

Moms in Touch s a Christian organization but it cuts across denominational lines and includes moms from both Catholic churches and Protestant churches. Their goal is not to push religion in schools and as a result they have turned down opportunities to advertise through the PTO. They don't want to to give anyone the wrong impression. They simply want to pray for the teachers and staff that educate their children. For if the teachers are blessed, the students will be blessed too.

Most groups meet for an hour with a specific agenda to keep them focused. The group also does some concrete things to support the staff. One group put microwave popcorn in the teacher's room and it was met with quiet cheers. Some of the teachers really appreciate the fact that the group supports them this way and it shows in increased morale.

You can find the complete article at,0,5069710.story

I don't think that it would take much to start a group of praying mothers here. If anyone is interested, we would be happy to host it here in Norwich at First Baptist. Or if you have a group already meeting at your church, let me know and maybe we can help pump it up with new enthusiasm.



Denise said...

Moms are beyond precious.

Donetta said...

Good Morning , came by way of shorty bear.
Funny I am joining two other moms today as we are starting up a group of Moms in Touch