Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Music. It is essential to life isn't it? It sets the mood and can change our whole outlook on life. I think that is why it is so important in our worship services. I know a lot of churches have debated on style. Some like the old Gospel hymns played on the piano. Others like the classical pieces played on the organ. Some prefer the contemporary sound of the choruses played by bands with guitars and drums.

I don't think it matters as much as the fact that we use it to tell the story to a given group of people. On Sunday night we were treated to a night of choral music and the Annual Choir Festival in Norwich. Ten choirs from across the city came together with each bringing a favorite anthem to share. During the course of the evening we got a taste of what worship was like in each of the churches represented. From the lively foot stomping music of Lee Memorial United Methodist to the a capella sound of St. Nicholas Orthodox each church came with their unique sound. From the old gospel tune of Central Baptist to the beautiful harmonies of the Cathedral choir you could sense that God was being honored. From the sweet melodies of St. Mark's Lutheran to the up tempo sound of the First Baptist choir you could tell that everyone was having fun.

The evening came to a climax with the group coming together for a piece featuring the combined voices of all the choirs. Mr. Doug Green was this year's guest conductor. He is the Music Director at the Cathedral of St. Patrick and well respected among his colleagues. In less than an hour he had us singing like we had been practicing together for months. It was a fitting end to a marvelous evening.



Denise said...

Sounds wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to all the choirs. Those who missed this concert missed a give from God and also a tribute to Him.