Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A prayer for our new President

I was watching CNN this afternoon and saw an interview with some children in a charter school in Harlem. They were so excited about Senator Barka Obama's Presidential victory. One little girl said, "This is a great day. Now I know that I can do anything because Senator Obama is just like us."

For the first time since I heard he had been elected, I was moved by the enormity of what had happened with the victory Barak Obama claimed last night. I had been thinking in terms of Republicans and Democrats. This was so much more than that. For millions of African Americans this election was the fulfillment of a dream set in motion over forty five years ago. The fact that Barak Obama, a black man, could be elected to the highest office in the land signified that the long national struggle was over. The dream had become a reality that all of us can claim.

We understand this as people of faith. For you see Jesus did the same thing for us on an eternal scale. God took on flesh and became one of us. In doing so, he gave us hope that we might be saved. You see we thought God didn't understand our plight. In Christ we saw that He did because now he was one of us.

Praise God for loving us enough to become one of us.

Now let us all pray for God's guiding hand to touch our President elect as he seeks to inspire a nation. May he hear the voice of God in his ear and serve the Lord in the nations' highest office.


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Denise said...

Amen, we all need to pray for our country, and our new president.