Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The gift of faith

I was up at Bradley airport this evening and just as I was driving down route 75 I saw a plane coming in from the distance. It started off as a small light in the sky but it grew larger and larger as time went on and then suddenly it was larger than life as it flew over me.

It is amazing how our perception changes over time and as things get closer and move away. Nothing looks the same as the relationship of distance and time change. We kn ow that is true of the physical world. It is also true of the spiritual world.

We often think of God as distant and uncaring especially when life becomes difficult. That is only because we haven't invited him in to our struggles and asked him to walk with us. Once God begins to draw near, problems never look as big and troubles soon disappear.

God doesn't do it magically. He sends people like you and me to help and to encourage us. That is the gift of faith. Thanks be to God!


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