Saturday, October 18, 2008

You are a celebrity

I dropped by the church this afternoon and one of the little girls from Buenas Nuevas, our Spanish speaking congregation said to her friend, "It's him! He's here. It's really him." I saw them giggling and heard her comments but i didn't know what they were referring to. Then one of the girls came up to me with a copy of our newsletter and said, "Is this really you?"

My picture was on the front cover of our October Newsletter as an introduction to our Homecoming event this weekend. I never thought it would make me famous, but at least to these young ladies, I was a celebrity.

How wonderful it was to be recognized as someone special, even in a limited way. Well here is the good news. God thinks of us in that same way. We are the object of his affection and he gets excited every time we come to him. As a matter of fact, he loves us so much that he gave up his only begotten son for us.

So the next time you think you don't matter or that you are unimportant. Remember that to God you are a celebrity.


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Denise said...

Blessings to you my friend.