Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The human face of God

I called and when she picked up the phone, Lucy said, "I can't believe it. I was just thinking about you." Lucy's aunt had died and she was struggling to find a poem or something to say at the service which would reflect the love and friendship they shared. As she was sitting at the computer she suddenly became overwhelmed with grief and then the phone rang.

Coincidence? I used to think so when I began in ministry. I used to believe a lot of things that happened in life were coincidental. I'll never forget a call I got from my mother when I was just starting out in ministry. She was upset because her father was going through a rough place and struggling with his health. As we talked my mom noted that our pastor hadn't stopped by. When I asked her if she had called him, she replied that she didn't think she needed to. "He always seems to know and drops in when I need him."

I was horrified. think of the pressure that puts on the minister. How can you know? I told her that it didn't work that way. She needed to call him. After twenty five years in ministry I still believe the call is important. But I do believe that sometimes God puts it in our heart to make a call or send someone a note or drop by for a visit. These promptings are the work of the Holy Spirit.

Trust me. These aren't only for the paid clergy. God uses all of us. He speaks to us and sends us out to encourage and lift up each other. We are his eyes, his hands and his feet. We are the body of Christ. When he needs to be with someone in a time of need, he will send you or me to be the visible presence of God. As one little boy put it, "We put a human face on God."

So open yourself up to God and he will send you out to share his love.


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Denise said...

Send me dear Lord.