Thursday, October 2, 2008

Are you ready for your debate?

I was watching the debate tonight and I had a terrifying thought. What if we had to run for the position of follower of Jesus Christ? What if we had to prove ourselves to God before he voted for us. Would we rehearse and study up so that we wouldn't sound foolish? What parts of our track record would we bring up and tout before the Lord and what part would we hope he wasn't aware of? How many times would we duck the question and answer in a way that brings out our strong suit? Would we point the finger of blame at someone else or would we stand up and admit when we were wrong?

It's a scary thought. Thankfully we won't have to do that. Why? Because we have an advocate that is a master debater. He'll stand up and defend us before God. He will even go so far as to take our punishment if the tide goes against us and someone has to pay the price. Actually, he already has so the verdict has been set aside and we can start over and live to his glory. Praise God!


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