Thursday, October 30, 2008

Who or what has your number?

I found this bowling game on the Internet. It has the power to become addictive. Now I am not one to play video games. I am too busy to spend my time doing that. But over the last two days it has captivated my imagination. I've rolled 18 games. When I get near the computer it seems to call my name. I don't understand it.

Then again, we never fully appreciate the power that things have over us. That's why a young person can pick up a cigarette today even though they know that it can be a death sentence. That's why people drink and drive even when they know that it can be the biggest mistake of their lives. That's why we load up our credit cards with thousands of dollars of debt even though we know that it is going to overwhelm us down the road.

Jesus was pretty insightful when he talked about not being able to serve two masters. He was talking about money but it could be anything. I remember hearing T. D. Jakes preach. He told us that the devil knew where our weakest point was and he attacked us there. I know it is true in my life and I suspect it is true in your as well.

No one is perfect and the only way we can remain strong and true is to put our trust in God. We need to walk with him and in doing so we can remain faithful. I know a video game isn't a big deal in itself, but it can lead to slothfulness and opens a window into procrastination. Better to be in control and walking with God than to be caught up in anything else.


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Denise said...

Very true my friend, bless you.