Saturday, October 10, 2009

Time to give thanks

When was the last time you simply lifted up the things you were thankful for in your life We get so busy that we forget to do it. In the Gospels there is a story about Jesus healing ten men. They were all excited and they went away so happy. The point of the story was that only one came back to thank Jesus for their healing.

So tonight let's all take a few minutes to give thanks for some of the blessings we enjoy. I'll go first.

I give thanks for the warm furnished home I live in on this cold rainy night.
I give thanks for the health of my family. All three girls, Lori and I are healthy and well.
I give thanks for my work at the church. It is a blessing to me because it allows me to serve.
I give thanks for the food we had tonight. so many people go to bed hungry.
I give thanks for this computer which allows me to do my work and connect with my friends.
I give thanks for my mom, who's case of terminal cancer is being held at bay by the grace of God.
I give thanks for my friend, George, who has found new love and a new life.
I give thanks for having a little money in the bank and all the bills being paid.
I give thanks for a car that runs.
I give thanks for my kitty, Misty. I love to play with her.
I give thanks for this country I live in where I have so much freedom and opportunity.

How's that for a start. Now it's your turn. Have fun with it.


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