Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Rest easy for the victory will be ours.

I love baseball. My favorite team is the Detroit Tigers. Every once in a while I get to watch the game thanks to MLB.tv. Tonight was one of those nights. My schedule was clear and I sat down and turned on the game to watch my favorite pitcher, Justin Verlander, go up against the Kansas City Royals.On paper it should have been an easy game but lately the tigers have not been scoring many runs. Every night is an adventure. Will they score enough runs o win and will their pitchers keep the opponents at bay?

I probably should never have sat down to watch the game. My chest is still pounding. You see, I hate not knowing who will win the game. The Tigers had an early lead and then they lost it. They came back to tie the game. I got excited. Then they push four more runs across the plate to take a commanding lead. The Royals came right back and cut the lead to two.

For the last three innings I wanted to turn the game off. I couldn't stand not knowing what was going to happen. Then again,it as a lot like life. The truth is that we never know what the future will hold for us. We simply do the best job we can and hold out for the best.

That's where faith comes in. It reminds us that God is the one who holds the future. He has a hope and a future in store for us and it will be a good one. That doesn't mean we won't face challenges and hardship. It simply means that at the end of the game we will come out the victor. How do we know? Because Jesus was the first one to claim the victory and he promised that we will all follow suit if we trust in him.

There are no guarantees for my Tigers (although Jim Leyland is a pretty good manager.) It is a different story when it comes to our faith. For Christ is as good as his word and the victory is ours.


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Denise said...

Thanks for your prayers my friend, love you.