Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The big good bye

When it comes to God, the biggest funerals are for those who have lived faithfully. No disrespect intended to Michael Jackson but enough is enough. Turn on the television and every talk show is obsessed with the funeral and the theatrics surrounding his death and the aftermath. I have been changing the channel every time his name is mentioned. I liked Michael Jackson's music, especially the early stuff. I also liked his Thriller and Bad singles. He was quite a performer. HE was NOT another Elvis or Frank Sinatra or Elton John. I don't care how many records he sold.

The thing that really turns my stomach is the fact that all the critics have disappeared. All those vultures that were ready to destroy him when the allegations of child abuse were circulating are singing another tune now. Katie Couric and all the media darlings want to tell us how wonderful he was and what a nice man he was.

I have always felt that Michael got a raw deal. I think he was innocent and that people were taking advantage of him. I also think that he was like a little kid inside and very immature socially. Of course I didn't know him. Very few people did.

Here is the point I want to make today. A big deal has been made over Michael Jackson's death as if he was the most important person in the world. The truth is that to God you and I and Michael Jackson are all equal. He loves each of us as if we were his only child. When one of us dies, the angels in heaven weep over the loss. But then the tide turns for those who have lived faithfully and sung God's praises. For them there is great rejoicing as we are greeted in heaven by the of Lord of Lords.

I hope nice things are said at my funeral but that's not the most important thing. I want to live in such a way that my life will glorify God and when I get to heaven I will hear the words "Well done, good and faithful servant."


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Denise said...

Amen my friend, amen.