Saturday, June 27, 2009

The voice that discourages

I am really struggling to go to the gym this morning. I have been procrastinating. I keep finding more important things to do. I really want to go but something is standing in the way. As I sit here writing, another thing that allows me to put off going, I can't help but think of so many of my friends who say they want to attend worship services but never show up.

I'm not judging here, I'm saying I understand it too well. The heart is there but the will just isn't there. We want to go but the beach, the kids, the spouse, the shopping, the housekeeping, the yard, the family, a friend, the weather all seem to conspire against us.

I've heard so many people say that they come away from worship feeling blessed. We know how powerful it can be and how worship can renew our souls. Yet, we can't always bring ourselves to go. It is the same with me and the gym today. I know I will be blessed. I always am. But I just can't do it.

So here is my solution. Do something that will help you connect with God. Make that your goal today. If you can't make it to worship then spend fifteen minutes reading the psalms or one of the Gospels. Then talk to God in prayer. Don't let the devil rob you of that time with God.

Yes, I said the devil. The truth is that the Bible tells us God has an enemy. That enemy (I don't really think he is dressed in red and has pointy ears and a tail) wants to keep us away from God. He is the one who keeps distracting you and me. But if we make it a point to spend time with God every day, he will eventually give up for a while and you will find it easier to head back to church on Sunday mornings.

The same thing is true for everything else that is good for us in life. It is the enemy of God that discourages me from going to the gym, heading to weight watcher meetings and doing the things I need to do to be in good health and to find blessing in my relationships. That voice that says, "You don't really want to..." sounds eerily similar to the one in the Garden that said, "Did God really say you shouldn't eat or you will die?"

So a word to the wise: Watch out for that voice that tries to dissuade you from doing good or doing what you know you should. At this instant turn to Christ and begin a conversation with him. Then watch what happens.

I think I'm going to stop here. I feel like going out to take a walk. God bless!


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Denise said...

Such wise words my friend, bless you.