Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The appeal of a cardboard box

You are going to think I am a goof but I did it anyway. I went grocery shopping and when I saw it I just had to buy it. I bought the big box of Corn Flakes with Star Trek on the cover. I haven't bought Corn Flakes in ages but that packaging sold me on it. What's more, if I send in the coin inside I can get an official Star Trek Jersey for only $9.00.

If Lori found out she would ask, "What are you... ten years old?" So I'm not going to tell her why I bought it. That's our little secret. For all she knows I just fell in love with Corn Flakes again. It's not the first time I switched cereals for no apparent reason. I started buying Fiber One about a year ago. I told her I just thought I needed a little more fiber in my system. The truth is that there wasn't anything free connected to that. I really did think about adding fiber to my diet after a bad case of.... well never mind.

The point I wanted to make was this: Packaging does make a difference to a lot of people. What they see makes an impression that will lead them to buy a product. The same thing is true of the Christian life. When people look at us and see us radiating with the love of Christ, they will see something lacking in their lives. When they see forgiving spirits in us, they will be drawn to us. When they see us acting with grace and dignity, there will be an appeal they can't deny.

We live in a world that is angry and disappointed. No one is happy. Everyone is frustrated. But when they see us walking with the peace of Christ in our hearts, working through the daily grind, they will be drawn to us and want to know the secret.

I know that puts a lot of pressure on us. Life can be very taxing and even the most devout Christians will have occasional melt downs. The fact that we can be honest about our struggles and share that with others is so different from the rest of the world. They hide behind manufactured walls. They pretend to have it all together. They are like the Emperor and everyone sees the charade.

I readily admit that I am learning as I go. I tell people that I am leaning on Jesus and he gives me the strength when I need it. Over the years that has served me well as a Christian and I have many friends who have come to faith, an honest faith because I have tried to be real. You can do the same thing. Let people see your heart for god and let them know you are trying your best to walk with him and you will find that God leads people to you so you can be a blessing.

That's the funny thing about my Corn Flakes. They are just Corn Flakes in a card board box. But the maker put a special stamp on it and it became a collector's item. If a cereal maker can do that for a box of cereal, imagine what God can do with you and me.


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Woo Hoo, Amen.