Thursday, June 4, 2009

A new lease on life

I had to call the copy machine repairman yesterday. I was running copies of this month's church newsletter when it jammed big time. I tried to clear it myself but it was more than I could handle. Once the technician arrived, he was in and out in a matter of minutes. He cleared the jam, replaced a few rollers and cleaned it up a bit. We were back in business. Before he left, he and I talked about what was really happening with the machine.

We got the copy machine about four or five years ago. It was donated to the church on the condition that we purchase a service contract. At the time, the machine was five to seven years old but it had been refurbished and was like new. It has been a great machine.

The service man told me that it was going to get harder and harder to get parts for it going forward. They just don't make them anymore and the new technology makes the machine obsolete. I have to confess that the copy machine salesman told me that before. I thought he was just trying to sell me a new machine. When I heard it from the guy who actually fixes the machines, it offered me a new perspective. He didn't have a vested interest in me buying or leasing a new machine. He was just telling it like it is.

I think the same thing is true when it comes to God. God doesn't need us but he reaches out to us and invites us to trust him. He calls us to righteous living and invites us to walk with him. He does it only because he loves us and wants what is best for us.

So what are we waiting for? Maybe it is time to start over again and get a new lease on life with God at the center.