Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Winners in God's book

Who is the best college basketball team in the nation? That question will be answered over the next month or so as we enter March Madness and the NCAA tournament. I'm a UCONN fan and I'll follow the tournament as far as they go. I know I'm a homer and I only care about our team. None-the-less at the end of the day one team will come out of the event and be crowned the national champion.

The funny thing is that no matter who wins there will probably still be some debate over whether they are really the best. It happens all the time. In every sport, even if there is a play-off set up to determine the best team, someone always points out the reasons why another team should have won or been named the best.

Thankfully in real life we don't have to compete with anyone else to earn God's favor. He loves us all for who we are. I will never be another Billy Graham. God only wants me to be the very best Cal Lord I can be. The same is true for all of us.

So go out there and do your best. Love God. Love your neighbor and serve the Lord and you will be a winner in the book of life.


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