Saturday, March 21, 2009

To capture a parent's heart

Have you ever noticed that when you pay attention to someone's children they really sit up and notice? A few weeks ago we were in Mexico hosting a nightly Vacation Bible School for neighborhood kids. One night we invited the children to trace their handprints on a banner. They were all excited to participate.

One little guy must have thought he was too small to join in the fun. He stood hiding behind his mother and peeking out at us. I reached out to him and invited him to put his hand up on the sheet. He hesitated and then took a step forward. I couldn't speak Spanish but I smiled and demonstrated by putting my hand down. Then I said "mano" which means hand.

As I encouraged the little guy I suddenly noticed the mother was smiling too. She then began urging him forward. Before long he was all smiles and he had his hand down and was part of the fun. The mother was also more engaged and the family seemed to finally feel welcome.

As they went inside the thought struck me that if you pay attention to a person's child, you will get the parent's attention as well. I guess the same is true with God. When you embrace his son, when you accept his gift of grace, God looks at you differently. Any friend of the son will capture the heart of God as well.


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Denise said...

Beautifully said.