Thursday, March 5, 2009

Searching for the source of your power

I couldn't understand why my phone went dead last week while I was in Mexico. Three nights in a row I lost battery power by the time we got back from the seminary from our work at the churches. I was actually a little frustrated because the same thing happened a few week back when I was in Kentucky visiting my parents.

I was telling one of my bunk mates about it and I suggested that maybe it was due to the fact that I was checking my email on the phone now. I asked him what he thought. He said it was more likely due to the fact the our phones were continually searching for service. As a result the phone is drawing on the battery all day long instead of just when we make a phone call. It made sense.

Afterward I began to think about what he said. The same thing happens to us. So many of us spend a lot of time and energy searching for something that will satisfy our soul. We run after money, sex, power, excitement, possessions, fame, love and while we are doing it we wear ourselves out. Even worse we never really find satisfaction.

The truth is that only God can fill that longing that is deep within us. We will run around and wear ourselves out until we connect to him. Jesus told the woman at the well that he could deliver the living water that would satisfy the thirst within her. He does the same for all of us. So charge up your battery by inviting him into your life. You will not regret it.


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