Thursday, August 26, 2010

Just offer yourself and watch what God does

From last to first... I was just going to sit in the back. I was there to witness and support the Stroud family as Shane retired. He had spent over twenty years in the Navy and this was his big day. His wife and daughter were present. They had friends there. There were several officers and co-workers present.

After I took my seat Nikki came to me and told me to sit up front with them. Shane joined her and said I belonged in the family section. No sooner had I moved to the front row but the MC asked me to sit up front on the platform with the guests of honor. I tried to beg off but how can you turn down a Commander?

I wasn't even planning to take part in the service. I didn't want to be in the way. I was just there doing my thing, offering myself to the family and I was pressed into service and given a place of honor.

The truth is that my story comes straight from the Bible. Jesus said that the last shall be first. Those who are disappointed in this life will be blessed in the next. The people who are given the place of honor who don't respect it, will lose it.

The important lesson I've learned time after time is that we need to simply offer ourselves to God. When we do, He will use us and our position will glorify him and bless us. I had a great time yesterday and was happy to be a part of Shane and Nikki's special day.


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