Monday, April 13, 2009

Make that call

I was playing around on the computer tonight when I noticed the Skype symbol on the bottom of the screen. I double clicked on it and the dialog box came up. After a couple of minutes it dawned on me that I had a complete record of all the calls that we had made with our daughter Sarah when she was in Australia last fall. There were text messages and the days and times when we hooked up.

It gave me a good feeling. It made me think back about those calls. They were special moments when we could chat and catch up with all the important things in life. It suddenly hit me that God must feel the same way whenever we take the time to hook up with him in prayer. Those are special moments to him and he keeps a record of all of them because he loves us so.

If you haven't spoken with him yet today, why not do it now. He'll be waiting up to hear your voice. Take it from me. A father knows a father's heart.