Sunday, July 10, 2011

A role to die for

I was flipping through the channels this afternoon when I came upon the movie "Murder by Numbers." It starred Sandra Bullock and Ryan Gosling. As I went to the Internet to see who was in the movie and what it was I came across the name of Krista Carpenter who was listed as playing - Olivia - the victim. Just about that time the movie came to the scene where Sandra bullock and her partner were examining the crime scene.

There she was larger than life. Krista was lying under the leaves playing dead. Actually in the movie she was dead. I had to chuckle at the fact that this role was listed in her credits. She didn't have any lines to learn. She didn't have to worry about blocking. All she had to do was lie there and let people roll her over and talk about her.

It was just a bit part yet it was one of the most important parts of the whole movie. It is a role that none of us would probably sign up for but it was crucial to the plot.

I was reminded of the fact that the same thing may be true of our lives. We may not feel that we have much to offer but God can take the little bit we give him and use it to accomplish great things. Just think of the boy who brought the fishes and loaves to Jesus. He turned around and used the offering to feel over five thousand people.

So don't be disappointed if you are not called on to do big things. With God there is no such thing as small parts. We all are part of the big picture.

Be blessed.


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