Monday, November 1, 2010

A perfectly prepared product

On Saturday I helped out on a Habitat for Humanity Build in a neighboring town. We had a group from church participate and I tried to do my part. I'm not very handy so most of the time I stay in the background and let others do the work. This time they had a lot to do and I couldn't hide.

I began the day by doing some sanding upstairs and then got roped into doing some painting. The truth is that I don't mind helping out. The problem is that I'm not that good at doing things.

Charlie was our supervisor and he is a retired professional painter. He is good. He has a lot of patience. After telling us how to do the painting, he left us to do it. We were in charge of painting the doors for the upstairs bedrooms and bathroom. They were all set up on saw horses and all we needed to do was follow his directions. Easier said then done.

The truth is that Heidi and I did a pretty good job. Then Charlie came back and he pointed out a few flaws in our work. I felt horrible. Then he said that fortunately no one would see the flaws because this was only the second coat. Someone else was going to come in and sand the door again and put on the final coat.

I couldn't help but think about the fact that Jesus does the same thing with our lives. We try real hard to live the good life but there are flaws, sins, that keep us from being perfect. They are woven into the fabric of our lives. But praise God we have a finisher, in Christ, who comes in to wipe away the smears and the imperfections so that we can be made acceptable as we are presented to God.

My door will look pretty good when it is done and thanks be to God, so will I.

Peace! Cal.

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