Thursday, September 16, 2010

Worth the wait

My daughter, Rachel, got her driver's license today. Well she didn't actually get it. She went to the Department of Motor Vehicle. She took the test and passed. She came out of the test with her papers but she couldn't get her actual driver's license because the main computer was down. The tester told her that she could come back tomorrow and complete the process and get the license.

Waiting isn't easy, especially if you really want something badly. Rachel was hoping to be able to drive out of the DMV with the ability to go it on her own. She wanted to drive herself to dance class but she was going to have to wait one more day.

It struck me that the same thing is true for us when it comes to our salvation. Once we accept Christ we receive the gift of eternal life. Yet, we have to wait for it to become a reality. We have to live with the promise.

Just like my daughter has been assured that she will receive her license at the appointed time, all of us who believe in Christ will realize our salvation in due time. That's God's promise and you can depend on it.


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