Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Setting your GPS for God

On Sunday I talked about the fact that you have to adjust the settings on your GPS if you want to get where you are going in a timely fashion. I noted that all of us have GPS (God positioning systems) built into our being. We want to follow God but we often get side tracked and wander far from our destination.

So the best way to stay close to God is to make sure that you have the following settings straight.

First you need to give God the first part of your day. Spend it in prayer and devotions. Take the time to talk to God, and to listen for his response. Too often we neglect this and think it will come naturally during the course of the day. It doesn't. WE need to program it in.

Second we need to give God the first part of the week. We need to devote ourselves to giving God a time of worship every week. We need to make it a part of our life, not only for our benefit, but as a practical witness to the world around us. When we set aside Sunday morning to worship God we are telling our friends and neighbors that God is important enough to do it for. We are also telling God too. Doesn't he deserve it? The truth is that the fellowship is an encouragement and the worship helps us draw near to God. We need this to stand tall the rest of the week.

Third we need to make God the beneficiary of our money. Jesus talked about money and possessions a lot. He knew that we would spend our money and resources on the things we thought were most important. God asks us to invest the first fruits back into his ministry. He calls on us to give him the very best. As a matter of fact he even calls on us to test him. He says try me. Give me your best and watch me give it right back to you. t is the only time in the Bible where God says "Test me!"

Finally we need to set God first in all of our relationships. We need to let him use us to do his ministry within the church and out in the world. I shared a couple of stories about what happens when you listen to that still small voice and do what it says. You bless others and that blessing comes back to you again too.

So is your GPS set on God or are you still wandering around trying to find your joy? Follow these tips and you will soon be home again.


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