Friday, May 7, 2010

Lost series sparks debate

'Lost' producers, actors speak about tonight's 'they did not just do that!' shockers

The "Lost" television series is coming to and end and things are heating up. People are debating the meaning behind everything that has happened. It's been a lot of fun. I wonder why we can't approach our theology in the same way? Why can't we talk about what certain passages of scripture mean without getting angry at each other.

You would think that we could take the tact of the rabbis and discuss and debate what the prophets meant. We should be able to take Paul's wisdom and see how it applies to the church today without trying to limit its reach. We should be able to read and share what the passages say to us. I know that the Bible is much more important than a TV show but God is also not afraid to have us question, debate and try to seriously understand his word.

That is the great thing about community. If you are with people you love and trust, this becomes much more possible. People won't question your motives. People wil bear with your crazy thoughts. In the end, God's truth will always come out. So if you aren't involved in a Bible Study, you should think about getting into one. You will be surprised at the discussion and interest that will flow out of it.


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