Wednesday, March 24, 2010

He brings us peace

God is so good. Whenever I am seeking an answer to something, whenever I am troubled by the events happening in my life, God sends me little things that ease my mind and bring me peace. That's been happening a lot over the last few weeks.

Like everyone else, I find that there are seasons of life that bring challenges. I confess that I don't like them. They are especially rough if I find myself in conflict or disagreement with people I care about. When it happens at home in the family and at church or at work it can leave you unsettled and distraught.

The image of the storm comes to mind. Jesus often told stories about storms that come out of nowhere to threaten and scare the disciples. Well I think that happens in life. The good news is that Jesus told us that when we call on him he will bring us peace. I have found this to be true. He does still the storm.

If you are in the midst of a storm and the waves are threatening to undo you, then call on him. He will come to you with his peace.

If it doesn't happen there are at least three different reasons. First, you may be listening to the wrong voice. God has an enemy who wants to mess up whatever is good in your life. He will jump in and deceive you. He will not bring peace. He will lead you into strife and lead you to fights with people you would never dream of fighting. This happens in churches a lot unfortunately. Second, you may be forgetting to call on Jesus. It is so easy to try and wrestle through things on our own. We may even use the tools he has given us, like the Bible. But if you don't involve Jesus then you will never have peace. Finally, the testing may go on and force you to rethink whatever you have been thinking. Maybe it is you who has to change what you are doing or what you are thinking. This is the process that often leads us into repentance. The troubles you may be experiencing could be God's way of getting your attention. He wants to teach you something. It usually involves grace and healing.

This week I have been at peace even though I have been troubled by something that happened. God has helped me reach out to the people involved. In one case there has been prayer and resolution as far as it can be had. In the other there is still more work to be done but I am praying that Jesus will work his will and that there will be peace for my friends who are hurting. I am resting in Jesus right now and feeling his presence in the things that have happened.

So is there a storm brewing on the sea you are traveling? Then call on Jesus and invite him into your boat. He will bring you peace.



Lloyd said...

Thank you so much for the uplifting message. I always think of the time when Peter stepped out of the boat and started walking on water towards our Lord. As soon as Peter took His eyes and attention off Jesus and started worrying about the water, waves and storm, he began to sink. That is what happens to us. We take our eyes off Jesus and we sink. Isn't it a blessing to know that we can reach out like Peter and say, "Save me Lord!" And our Lord will lift us up and take us in His arms. God bless, Lloyd

Penie said...

Very encouraging Thank you :)